Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is included in a membership at Kosama? 

A. Our members get unlimited classes, including Zumba Strong and a free hot yoga class from AMT - a yoga studio next door to our facility. Our classes are always instructed by our certified trainers, who can provide nutrition advice to help you reach your goals.

Q: What types of workouts can I expect at Kosama? 

A. We offer a variety of workouts every week! Everyday is different. We offer cardio, circuits, strength training, kickboxing, hot yoga sculpt, Zumba Strong, barre, and a combination of the workouts listed above.

Q: Can I try Kosama for free before I join? 

A. You bet! Kosama has a 1-week free trial. You are welcome to try unlimited classes during your trial to see everything that Kosama can offer you and your health.

Q: What are the benefits of high intensity interval training? 

A. 1. You can burn a high amount of calories in a short amount of time. 2. HIIT aids in heart health. 3. You can increase your metabolism. 4. It's a great way to burn fat, while increasing muscle mass. 5. It's challenging, both mentally and physically!

Q: Do I need to be in shape before joining Kosama? 

A. No, there is a modification for every exercise in one of our classes. Listen to your body, and do the level of intensity that you feel comfortable with.

Q: How long are Kosama workouts? 

A. Kosama workouts are generally 55 minutes long: five minutes to warm up, 45 minutes dedicated to the workout, and five minutes to cool down and stretch. Some weeks may have an express class. These classes are 30 minutes long, but are more intense, so you still get a great calorie burn.

Q: Is there variety in the workouts? 

A. Yes! Every workout is different, even if the class is the same. For example, kickboxing days will always have different combinations of kickboxing moves, different cardio exercises, and the length of a round could be 30 seconds to a minute. You will never get bored.

Q: What types of exercises can I expect in a workout? 

A. Every workout can contain the following types of exercises: cardio, total bodyweight strength training, TRX bands, abdominal work, kettlebell exercises, and stretching and mobility.

Q: What do you mean by 'group fitness redefined'? 

A. There are many group fitness programs, but none like Kosama. The Kosama workout incorporates traditional functional fitness principles but by providing 30 different workouts each month, maximizes the benefit and reduces the repetitiveness of other group fitness programs.

Q: How does your program differ from CrossFit? 

A. While both CrossFit and Kosama are functional, group fitness programs, the Kosama workout was created by a health care practitioner and certified fitness instructor with the intent of maximizing your fitness results while reducing the likelihood of injury.